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I describe myself as a  marketing  professional, with qualifications and expertise in different  sales and project management  areas, plus with  teaching credentials  in this field.

Particularly interested in the essential role that the Internet and social media play to widen our messages scope and bring us many  unexpected opportunities .

My work is always distinguished by incorporating several  technological and creative solutions , in order to add effective and singular value to each proposal.

I have considerable experience in project management and be used to  handling different resources , focussing the necessary efforts to get the aim; as well as a strong  commercial and strategic vision , with the capacity to anticipate trends and respond to multiple market demands.

Worried about updating and broadening my knowledge, I bet for the  collaborative work  making the most of the interdisciplinary teams' talent _

Marketing Expert

Humanities Studies Degree

Teaching Certification 

Marketing Services

Sales Management

Costumer Service

Project Management 

Digital Marketing

Community Management


Web Development

Graphic Design 

Selling Process

Digital skills 

Graphic Design software

Digital Marketing tools

English language _


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